Wednesday, December 12, 2012

HAPPY 12/12/12!

Just wanted to post a quick update. So today is the last day of classes, but there are still a couple of finals to take and a research paper to edit and some other manual work for classes before I can be done with this semester!

Lovely Hong Kong Postcard from my Best Friend Victoria  <3 
One of my best friend, Victoria, is currently studying aboard in Hong Kong, and I think she might actually be in Japan right now! I know super cool! The postcard was what arrived in my mall, and I hope to video chat with her soon, if you see this, message me.

Alright before I head off to eat dinner, I wanted to wish a happy two year one months with my boyfriend, Tommy! <3

UPDATE: Wow, just as I thought my day couldn't get any better, I just had an amazing dinner at Danforth Dining Center courtesy of Sam and invited via my roommate, Calvin. Here's some pictures, don't droll!

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Nivea Lip PR Box - Won from TotalBeauty

      I can't thank TotalBeauty and Nivea enough for giving me the opportunity to win such an AMAZING prize! I actually do have a few Nivea lip products (remember the NIVEA USA PDA Lip Giveaway). That giveaway sent me a coupon for free Nivea Lip Product after uploading a PDA picture to their Facebook giveaway link. That was a pretty sweet deal. So imagine my surprise, when I was sent the entire collection of 15 different lip products! I am truly thankful for having won this amazing prize, I really wished I can test all 15 lip products, but I'll most likely start giving these away to my friends and family as a Holiday stocking gift.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

COVERGIRL blastflipstick BzzCampaign Invite

Blast Flipstick Lipcolor
I was more than thrilled to have been invited to this COVERGIRL blastflipstick bzzcampaign and immediately signed up to be a part of this campaign.

On the Covergirl Blast Flipstick Lipcolor website, it shows all 13 duo shade lipstick duos. So what exactly is a blastflipstick? It's these two in one lipcolors that you can easily blend to make an endless combination of wearable, blendable lipcolor! There's also a color match tool on the Covergirl website that can help you find the best shade for you!

So, have you tried these new Covergirl blastflipsticks yet? If so, how did you like it and any tricks or tips on how to apply a flawless, beautiful lip look?

BzzAgent MissXu