Sunday, May 27, 2012


To start things off, I'd actually like to talk a bit about the shampoo and conditioners bottles. I really like the color of the bottles, and as with most other brands, the shampoo bottle is shaped with the top being the opening versus the conditioner bottle is shaped with the bottom being the opening. Starting with the shampoo, it can actually stand on both ends. Keeping in mind that as you get close to finishing up the bottle, you might want to flip the bottle around so that the product dispenses easily and faster. The conditioner on the other hand can only stand with the bottom side (there's no need to flip it after all, the open end is already facing the bottom, and the top is sloped downward, that it's physically impossible to flip it that way). This is a great way to keep track which one is the shampoo and which one is the conditioner. I remember when I was showering, I didn't need to look closer to read which one says shampoo or conditioner, rather I can tell, the one with the black top is the shampoo and so I'd use that first. Also, I noticed the openings are point in a v-shape and that allows for the product to dispense quickly and efficiently (think of a pitcher top with the pointer end). Alright, now that there's a sense of what each bottle looks like, let's move on to the product within. The first thing I noticed when I poured out the CLEAR SCALP & HAIR BEAUTY THERAPY nourishing shampoo, I noticed it's the same color or rather similar color to the bottle itself, a pretty lilac-like color. The shampoo is also a nice shiny, smooth color versus the conditioner which is a creamy, less liquid like color. Immediately, having loved the color of the shampoo and conditioner, I had mixed feelings toward the smell. I remember when I first received the bzzkit, without having opened either of the shampoo or conditioner, I thought to myself: wow I really love this smell and even raved about it on facebook to all my friends. Then, I remember the first time I washed my hair with it, I really thought it was much too chemical smelling and that bothered me for a bit. Then, after a few more washes (it's been a total of three washes since I've gotten this last week), I've grown accustomed to the smell and actually enjoy it now. It's definitely not an herbal, floral scent, but it's a decent, workable scent. My hair is noticeably smoother even in the showers right after I shampoo, and even more so when I use the conditioner. It smells refreshingly clean and my hair just sways back and forth so beautifully after each wash. The Enriched Nutrium 10 in CLEAR SCALP & HAIR BEAUTY THERAPY shampoo and conditioner is working to keep my long, straight hair looking healthy and silky smooth.

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