Thursday, June 21, 2012

Dr. Scholl's For Her Ball of Foot Cushions Review

     By far, one of my favorite products is this new & improved Dr. Scholl's For Her Ball of Foot Cushions that helps prevent ball of foot pain. 

This is the only ball of foot product that is made with unique FabuSTEP gel that helps to 

  • prevent toe scrunch 
  • stays in place
to truly provide your feet with a sense of comfort that's absolutely and unbelievably amazing! 

I walked half an hour in these shoes to campus and then walked in them all day and barely felt any pain until near the end of the day. Never had I ever been able to do this in these heels without this Dr. Scholl's For Her Ball of Foot cushions. I really wouldn't have been to last any longer than a five minutes walk if it wasn't for these wonderful amazing inserts that left my feet pain-free and not sore at all!

I must say, the trickest part was trying to place the inserts onto my heels properly and to be able to find the most comfortable ball of my foot to place the cushion under. (Tip: Be sure to peel off the plastic covering on the cushion before placing it on your own pair of heels.) And if you accidentally place it off center of where your ball of foot is (like I did a couple of times), go ahead and peel it off and re-align it until it feels most comfortable. Trust me, I took a good three or so tries to find this ideal location.

Overall, this Dr. Scholl's For Her Ball of Foot cushions help prevent that burn feeling and provides immediate massaging gel comfort for the ball of my feet. These cushions can definitely fit any pair of heels or any other type of shoes that might need a bit of extra comfort. I noticed that it did stay firmly in place throughout the day (no need to re-adjust once I found a comfortable spot to place the gel  cushions on my heels as shown in the picture to the left). I was also able to remove it easily without any damage to my heels. So ideally I would be able to take them off and place them on any other pair that I desire, but these are so worth it, I might just go ahead and buy extras so that every pair can have their own Dr. Scholl's For Her Ball of Foot cushions!

Of course, there's also the Dr. Scholl's guarantee where if you're not satisfied with your purchase, you can always return it for a replacement or refund! So what are you waiting for, your feet will thank you tremendously for this small gesture of huge comfort!

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Disclaimer: I received this product complimentary to test and review from Influenster's Spring Beauty VoxBox May 2012.