Sunday, June 10, 2012

Sally Hansen Salon Effect

Influenster VoxBox: Sally Hansen Salon Effects

I had been wanting to use these Sally Hansen Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips since I got them late last month. So here I am, finally ready to do my nails on a Sunday afternoon, after I finished doing laundry and dishes, I decided to give myself a treat and give my nails a manicure!

I started off with clean, nail-polish free nails (after washing my hands and using nail-polish remover to remove any remaining nail polish). I also cut my nails using a nail clipper before getting started.

The three things provided in the kit includes a cuticle stick, a mini file & buffer, and of course 16 nail polish strips that are meant to fit all nails. I went ahead and opened everything and laid them out on the desk. Then, I proceeded to pick the 10 strips that I felt fit best with each finger and put the remaining 6 strips to the side.

Kit includes: cuticle stick, a mini file & buffer, 16 nail strips
I went ahead and followed the instructions that's included in the kit, to first peel off the clear plastic that's on top of each strip and then breaking the silver tab on the bottom from the strip. If you forget to remove the clear plastic with the words "peel off" in blue on the bottom, you'll realize that you'll have a very hard time filing away the strip (which is what happened when I forgot to peel off the clear plastic). Luckily, I found the clear plastic and peeled it off, but just try not to skip this step each time and you should be fine.

So after peeling off that original clear plastic, I had to go ahead and peel the nail strip itself and put it on my nails. So keep in mind, each nail strip has three layers, the clear plastic on top that you have to peel off and throw away, the second layer is the nail strip itself and that's the one you keep. The bottom is just a white layer that you throw away as well. So I'm left working with only using the middle layer that has the design.

A few of my nails had a bit of overlap within the strip, when I was on the last step trying to shape away the excess strip. This occurs when I fold the excess strip. To avoid it, when you try to shape away that excess, keep it as straight as possible. Remember to use the pink side of the file to shape away the excess.

I really like the fact that right after I finish applying these nail strips, I don't have to worry about smudging and can go straight to my next task. That means I could've totally done my nails first and then go do laundry and dishes! These nail strips are meant to last 10 days (I'll have to update on how long these last for me) and removes easily with nail polish remover. So what you waiting for? These Sally Hansen Salon Effect are worth trying if you haven't already! Post your lovely manicures in the comment section below!

Sally Hansen Salon effects Real Nail Polish Strips in 310 Wild Child

UPDATE: These strips really do remove easily with nail polish remover! My nails are completely bare but I must say I really enjoyed all the compliments I received from wearing this nail polish strip. Thank you, Sally Hansen and thank you Influenster, and thank you to my blog readers for reading this!

Disclaimer: I received this product complimentary to test and review from Influenster's Spring Beauty VoxBox May 2012.  

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