Sunday, July 15, 2012

SPF Skin Protection

This summer, wearing SPF is one of the most important things I ought to be doing, but why like millions of other people, do I not have sunscreen to apply?

Even those of us with sunscreen in our cabinets, don't bother to take them out and wear on a daily basis unless we were heading out to the beach or somewhere else for a really long time. 

Does that make any sense though? Even if we step outside for a second, I would imagine it is important to wear sunscreen. Recently, I heard a student died from skin cancer, and that's really unfortunate. The student had six months to live after discovering the cancer, and exactly six months or so later, he passed away. 

Let's take a moment to remember that sunscreen is very important and try to wear it before we step out.

PLEASE +1 to help spread the importance of skin 
care and to potentially save another person's life!

Take a moment to share it with everyone you know, to let them all know that you care about them and can't imagine a day without every single one of your friends and family. Treat everyday as your last, to live to your fullest. Have you told someone important to you that you love them and care about them today? Go ahead, tell them now. 

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