Sunday, October 28, 2012

Liebster Award

The Rules: 
  1. Thank the one who nominated you. 
  2. You have to write eleven things about yourself 
  3. You have to nominate eleven bloggers who have less than 200 followers and tag them in your post. 
  4. You have to give them eleven questions to answers 
  5. You should not tag back
Thanks you Ms. Ann Mowet (

I'll answer your 11 questions, but I won't be able to nominate 11 bloggers since I don't follow enough.

11 Things about me: 
  1. I am currently an undergraduate student pursuing an liberal arts degree.
  2. I am the oldest of three, with two younger brothers. 
  3. I am currently in a romantic relationship of almost two years. 
  4. I love beauty beauty products!! 
  5. I'm also a big fan of Apple products too. 
  6. I can play many musical instruments including piano, flute, euphonium (which I managed to spell correctly in the first try), soprano and alto recorder. 
  7. I really like taking surveys.
  8. I may choose to pursue graduate school. 
  9. I am clearly running out of things to say about myself, but I'll use this one to shout out to my boyfriend for being so supportive and caring of me. 
  10. My favorite season is spring, as my birthday is in April. 
  11. My favorite color is a lime green, like a light almost transparent pretty green.
11 Questions from Ms. Ann Mowet
  1. What inspired me to blog? Well I've been a member of Total Beauty for quite some time now, and really enjoy writing reviews, so I thought hey, why not start my own blog? I would still say I'm in the early stages of blog writing, and this really is more of a hobby than anything. I'm so happy that my blog's turning out so well and I hope to continue nourishing it's potential! 
  2. What is my favorite holiday and why? I would Valentine's Day because it's a special day to share with my significant other. 
  3. What is my favorite song? This one is tough! I have so many it's hard to choose, but since I'm attending a Big Bang concert soon, I'm going to say "Fantastic Baby". 
  4. Whats the most outrageous thing you have ever done? Donating 10+ inches of hair
  5. If I could go anywhere in the world where would it be? Korea
  6. Is there a word of saying that I can't stand, if so what is it? Not really, but will update if otherwise. 
  7. If I won the lottery, what would be the first thing I would buy? Some more beauty products and Apple products. 
  8. What is my worst fear? To be honest, I'm not really scared of much, but I would say losing family and friends is not good. 
  9. What is my favorite candy? Chocolate, some nice smooth European chocolate. 
  10. What is my favorite season and why? Oh, I answered this in my 11 things about me, but it's spring because the weather is the nicest and because of my birthday. 
  11. What is my favorite childhood memory? This one really got me thinking, I would probably say imaginative play was the most fun and running around in the park! 

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