Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Fitness Motivation

Let us know what inspires, motivates and keeps you going the distance with your fitness routine!

It's hard to take that extra effort to exercise beyond what is necessary for a day to day functioning. Sometimes, it may require that extra push to really hit the gym and put in the energy to exercise for that day. 

For me, it's especially difficult with an overly busy day-to-day schedule. For me, it's helpful when I'm in a group setting and we are all working together to achieve a similar goal. Sometimes just finding a gym buddy to constantly remind each why the exercise is important cane be enough motivation to establish a routine. We are people of habit, and if the habit is to go and do something that is beneficial for us, then we can guarantee that it was a good day. 

Keep at what I do and I encourage you all to find the time to have a fitness routine scheduled into your life. The endorphins released during exercising may just help brighten your mood and make your day that much better! Go on, what you waiting for, get out there and live the good life! 

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