Monday, September 3, 2012


Who doesn't love eating delicious, sugary yet full of artificial, sweets? I know when I'm craving something sweet, I would indulge in my favorite treats. But now I can give myself that treat without feeling guilty.

UNREAL™ Candy is the perfect treat with no artificials, no corn syrup and no hydrogenated oils. Essentially a healthy treat that satisfies your cravings without making you feel guilty about eating it.

The collection of UNREAL™ Candy include:

UNREAL 54 is comparable to Peanut M&M's
UNREAL 8 is comparable to Snickers
UNREAL 77 is comparable to Reese's 
Unreal 5 is comparable to Milky Way
UNREAL 44 is comparable to M&M's
UNREAL 41 is actually the one that I decided to get myself using the coupon from BzzAgent.

  • Candy coated chocolates taste much creamier chocolate taste as oppose to the name brand. 
  • Comes in six colors: yellow, orange, blue, green, plum purple and dark blue/black
In conclusion, I feel UNREAL™ Candy is and will definitely suffice any sweet cravings you may have. It's a great snack to have at any party that'll allow friends to nibble on while you guys chat away. I'll definitely be stocking up on these UNREAL™ Candy for my next house party. 

By the way, if anyone would like a FREE buy 1 get 1 FREE UNREAL™ Candy coupon, leave a comment in section below. Quantities are limited so leave your email or email me at with your name and address and I'll send a coupon your way! Trust me, these candies are worth trying, so chop chop, get off to feet to a local retailer that sells UNREAL™ Candy and treat yourself to something delicious! 


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