Wednesday, January 9, 2013

COVERGIRL Blast Flipstick

Inside the COVERGIRL Blastflipstick BzzKit

       A while back I was invited to COVERGIRL's blastflipstick bzzcampaign. I was so excited to try this product which contained two colors on one lipstick. The day I got the bzzkit, I immediately opened it and to see what was inside. There was the official bzzguide, three full size COVERGIRL's blastflipstick, and lots of $2 off one Blast Flipstick Lipcolor coupons. 

Stunner 840, Vixen 820, Minx 85
   Out of the three COVERGIRL's blastflipstick that was sent to me: Stunner 840, Vixen 820, Minx 855, my favorite is definitely Stunner 840 with the creamy red color and shimmery golden color and Vixen 820 is definitely a close second. COVERGIRL's blastflipstick are perfect for any occasion, for a subtle day look or for a more dramatic night look. 

   Although the pigmentation of this product is great, I accidentally tasted the lipstick and it tasted pretty awful. So my tip would be to wear this Blast Flipstick but try not lick your lips too much. Otherwise let your creativity thrive and if you're looking to try new lipstick
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   COVERGIRL's blastflipstick is a great one to try out. and I definitely feel it allows one to be creative and be in charge of how your lip color looks. Mixing and coming up with a new lip color is just half the fun, getting complimented for beautiful, stunning lips is the other half! 


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