Wednesday, January 9, 2013

I Won a #MyMcRib Survival Kit and You Can too!

Screenshot taken 1/9/13 at 5:15 PM
So I went to check on Twitter and the NYTriState area McDonalds is still running a promotion to win a #McRib Survival Kit. I first came across the promotion while checking into a McDonalds on FourSquare on Dec 23rd.

As you can see @McDNYTriState tweeted me on Dec 28th and DM (direct messaged) that I won! I gave them my shipping address and soon #MyMcRib survival kit was on it's way! (Although the person did write down my address wrong and I had to go pick it up in the post office but it's all good, I eventually got it.)

So what exactly came in the survival kit? All this: 

Most notably a free I'm a McRib Lover t-shirt, a free I heart Ribs bib, two free McRib coupons, two wet ones antibacterial hand wipes, McD's fries sticker, McRib meal pin and a Dr Pepper Tote bag. 

So what are waiting for? One of these #MyMcRib Survival Kits can be yours! 


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