Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Ibotta iPhone App Review

Do you shop for groceries at CVS, Target, Walmart or any other large retail stores? Do you have a smartphone? If yes to both then sign up for Ibotta here: http://ibotta.com/r/g63iA

The above is my referral link and if you sign up (for free) and make a grocery purchase, you get $5 for free!! (And I get a $1.)

So how does this app work? First download the app via my referral link: http://ibotta.com/r/g63iA
Second, check out offers that interest you and do the tasks associated with them. You'll notice each task ranges from $.25 to $.75. After completing the tasks, just go to the store and buy the item!

After purchasing the item, upload your receipt, scan the item and then wait for confirmation. Before you know it, you'll have money ready for withdrawal. My most recent shopping trip, I earned $5.75!

Even if you just check out one of their offers, you'll still get the $5 free bonus if you use my referral code: http://ibotta.com/r/g63iA! So why not? Give the app a try and let me know how much money you've earned in the comment section below.


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